Why do we prefer WordPress web development?

Why do we prefer WordPress web development?

Why wordpress?

The question is perhaps, why not WordPress?

WordPress has made web development simple. Almost 30% of the websites today are hosted on the WordPress platform. Reputable companies, corporates, organizations, and startups are relying on WordPress.

WordPress.com & WordPress.org

NB: There are two versions of WordPress. The WordPress.org, and the WordPress.com. On this blog, we are covering the importance of WordPress.org. This website (saglotech.co.za) is hosted on the wordpress.org platform. See this article for the difference between the two platforms.

Why Is WordPress.org so important?

WordPress.org is an advanced platform to craft any sort of website you may need. The fact that it’s an open license software makes it reliable. No one really claims to own it. The Automatic company that started the WordPress platform declared it a public entity. Here are some of the reason why WordPress is a badass!

It’s free – WordPress is free. You do not need to pay anyone to host your website on the platform. If you can’t host your own server, you will surely need to buy a hosting space form a hosting company and then download WordPress. The Cpanel system that most companies use comes with WordPress software.

Plugins – One thing that set WordPress apart is the thousands of plugins inside. Most of the plugins are available for free. Plugins allow you to add some technical features without having to code and stuff. You only install and the magic happens.

Templates – Thousands of plugins are available for WordPress. There are many developers who are contributing to the WordPress society. You can have any sort of template suitable for your business. There are free and premium templates available from the different market such as Envato Market, Templates Monster, etc.

Interlinked Web Pages – When you use the actual HTML, CSS, and JS on File manager, pages are independent. The heading and footer changes you make are only affecting the page you are working on. With WordPress, you change settings on a single dashboard and the changes appear on all pages. This can save you tons of hours.

Easy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – When you work with WordPress, ranking is quite easy. You can create an On-Page-SEO using different keywords for each page. The Yoast Plugin for SEO simplifies the process.

Quality – WordPress websites are robust and thick. Unlike most HTML, CSS and JS templates website, WordPress give you a professional feeling of a website. It has weight.

We are a Web Design Company!

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