These four (4) things will affect your SEO ranking severely

These four (4) things will affect your SEO ranking severely

Why do you need to rank?

As highlighted in our previous articles, ranking on the search engine is so important for your business. It’s ultimately a free way of advertising online. Search engines look around the webs for quality content to give forth as results when users search. Using keywords, ALT titles on images, Videos, etc could help you rank. Read more here on ways to rank high:

In attempts to rank high, internet users sometimes deploy some ‘cleverly’ ways to cheat the search engines. This also known as Black-Hat hacking. The practice violates the search engines’ terms of service.

Here are the common mistakes that new SEO strategist resorts to.

Hiding Keywords: Most websites have keywords dug inside. Users hide keywords to make the website look good while still communicating with search engines. A similar color to that of the background or a script is used to hide in search engine. This practice is widely known by SEO bots and is automatically detected by Google.

Repeated Keywords: Most websites footer sections of desperate ‘rankees‘ are like a dumping side of keywords. For instance, We are a Web Design Company in Johannesburg, repeatedly using the keyword Web Design Johannesburg with no actual content is detected as Spam by Search Engine bots. You can utilize your keywords using meaningful sentences. For example, to safely utilize the keyword Web Design Company in Johannesburg, you can start your sentences like: As a web design company in Johannesburg, we are committed to ABC. That way you used a keyword with content and not dropping it with no actual meaning.

Long Website Title: As a service provider, you may want to offer services in various areas except for your area o proximity. To cover this, users use long heading with locations in the tittles. I.e. “Saglotech – Web Design Company in Johannesburg, Gauteng, including Kempton Park, Brakpan, Germiston, Eastrand, Boksburg, Sandton, Soweto, Pretoria, Soshanguve and Thohoyandou. ” This kind of a tittle will make sure it appears in areas listed above. But this is against the SEO rules.

Ranking on Search Engines needs patience and sure some work. Write more often, update your website frequently, blog guest, list your website on search directories and use social media accounts to share links and content from your website.

Any smart overnight technique will eventually get you penalized. The purpose of search engines is to serve correct, appropriate and best results for every search inquiry. Earn it!

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