Social Media Management Tips | Digital Marketing

Social Media Management Tips | Digital Marketing

You Need Social Media

Do you have social media accounts for your business? Social media accounts are friends with Search Engine Optimization. Social media accounts can surely boost your website ranking on Google, Bing and another search engine.

Social Media boost your ranking.

Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram command a huge Domain Rating (DR) and Domain Authority (DA). DR and DA are the techniques used by search engines bot to determine which site can be trusted. The higher the score, the higher the chance of the website to appear on raking. The scores are made through the number of backlinks that a website has. The more other websites mention your website address, the more the website gets the respect to rank higher. You can check the strength of your website domain name here

Here are some tips to use Social Media effectively

  • Post Frequently – Just like blogging, keeping your social media pages updated makes search engine to recognize that your page is active. There are millions of social media accounts. Only the active ones get frequently synchronized and shown on search engines. Keep your timeline(s) hydrated and active by posting updates, blogs, and your services.
  • Use Hashtags – Hashtags determines trends and links up all related articles in the same topic. If you are a web design company or a digital marketing company, make sure you add tags like #WebDesign #SearchEngineOptimization #WebDev etc. The technique will trigger your post and make them discoverable even years after you posted.
  • Usernames – Use meaningful usernames. These keyword usernames are more powerful as much as your domain name. Just like a domain, use short and meaningful usernames that are easy to remember. If it still allows you, use same usernames in all social media channels. It makes it easy for search engines to associate all your channels as one.
  • Branded images – Make use of graphics. If you are posting about how cool and affordable your website services are, inserting a logo picture and contact email on the picture of a web design graphic could give your brand some score of professionalism. We design graphics too. We could help.
  • Custom Response – Replying to all the messages could be draining as you pick more followers online. Draft custom messages and keep them ready for your customers. That way you give them a well thought out and pre-examined answer, unlike chatting with your friends and family.
  • Auto Posting – Twitter via Tweetdeck and also Facebook allows you to schedule your post as to what time they should be published. Utilize this option to keep the timeline active when you cannot keep up.

With the growing number of social media users every day, your business could tap into the pull of customers and surely impress them if you use the right techniques. There are hundreds if not thousands of customers who are looking for services your business offers – online.

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