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Be found when clients are looking for services you offer.Saglotech is a dedicated SEO company in Johannesburg that can help your brand to appear on top in search results.

*SEO services are on a month-to-month basis.

Get clients online online with our Digital Marketing / Online marketing strategy with a great focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, Google and Facebook Ads.


Rank on the First Page in your area

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of increasing the number and quality of visitors to a website by improving rankings in the algorithmic search engine results. Common search engines include Google, Bing, and Ask.

SEO company Johannesburg: Lead results in Search Engines

Website ranking is determined by a number of factors including the domain address, its ratings, keywords, the backlinks to your website, content strategy, copywriting, and hosting service. Once this is done correctly, search engines will show your website page on selected keywords on the first page. We are an SEO Company in Johannesburg that can help you achieve this.

Research shows that websites on the first page of Google receive almost 95% of clicks.

Learn about SEO. Our team has mastered SEO and have helped multiple business owners like you.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will save you tons of advertising budget. It ranks you website on top results just by following the best web practices that web browsers love the most.

How can Saglotech help you to rank top on SEO?

If you are worried that when you search for your website you can’t find it online, we are the right guys. We work with companies to improve their search appearances on keywords relating to their business services.

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*All website prices include full taxes.

SEO Company Johannesburg Process

As an ‘SEO Company Johannesburg’, our comprehensive SEO strategy ensures an increase in ranking in different search engines from local searches, national and international keywords.

*All website prices include full taxes.

One of the important aspects of building a perfect eCommerce Website Design is product assessment. At Saglotech, we strive to first understand the products your offer, how your competitors are performing, and also the top keywords that are doing well in your industry.This helps us to curate a compelling online store that will disrupt and also strive in areas that your competitors are not yet reaching.

The strategy is the core part of SEO. Here we make sure that all content that appears on your website including Headings, Paragraphs, Pictures and Video content all communicate with the Keywords. We may at times have to do a copywriting assessment to make sure that the content on the website is perfectly written and readable by search engines.A readable website is highly ranked and recommended as top results by search bots since they understand what the website is all about.Most importantly, we also start submitting your website links to other websites to help increase your website domain rating and trust score. The more other websites link back to you, the better chance of having search engines index and show your website in search results.

Optimizing your website is a mechanism we use to speed up your website and make sure it’s accessible from different devices. As studies have shown, websites that load faster also get to be ranked faster. Usually, websites are built with large pictures, complex CSS, JavaScript, and plugins that may make it longer to load.

As an SEO company Johannesburg, we make sure that every image on the website is well optimized and all other tech stack used does not cause the website to load longer. This will drastically increase convention and also help increase ranking.The digital space is competitive and so your website be. Users will likely not tolerate a website that takes long seconds before opening. As recommended by Google, websites should at least take around 5 seconds to open. With the right website designers, websites may even load in about 2 seconds. This practice contributes to how your website is ranked.

Search Engines like a website with content.  Part of this is well-written and frequently updated blogs, social media pages, and videos on platforms like YouTube. With enough content, your website stands a high chance to rank than a website that never gets updated at all.We help create content for websites to help improve our client’s websites. Our copywriters would develop perfect content tailored specifically for your business.A rich and unique content always attracts search bots. These search bots simplify the process of recommending the right results for particular keywords. Building fresh content specifically for your business will make your website attractive and score you a good ranking place.

Once we are convinced that your website SEO is ready, we launch it and start monitoring results. We use analytical tools that will report as to which keywords are performing well, locations where users find you from, devices they use to reach your website, and duration they spend on your website.

This will help you understand your business performance and areas where you can improve. Looking for SEO Company Johannesburg? Saglotech is one of the best SEO company.

Why Your Company Needs SEO Services?

Advertising online may cost a lot, and at times may not yield the results you need. SEO is an effective way of reaching clients organically without paying search engines to do so. This is when you have made your website perfect for search engines and ensuring that you appear as just the right results for users keywords.

This technique can save you money and also ensure that your business stays relevant online. We are committed to ensuring that our clients harness the benefits that come with Search Engine Optimization. This has worked for us and has been our most reliable and effective way of reaching new clients and generating leads.

With ‘SEO Company Johannesburg’ keyword, we have reached many clients who also entered the same keyword in search while looking for SEO companies in Johannesburg.

Our web design company builds websites that are highly customizable in SEO, and are easy to manage. With our recommended advanced content management systems like WordPress and eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, your business SEO strategy is set to boom.Give your business the right boost. Why not approach us to have us tailor perfect quotations and start optmizing keywords specifically for your business.

*All website prices include full taxes.