How to build a powerful blog in South Africa?

How to build a powerful blog in South Africa?

Anyone can blog today. But How do you set your blog apart?

Ever wanted to start a blog? This article will help you understand the process to follow to launch your blog on the world wide web and how to make it stand out.

Blogging is a way of voicing out your views on any matter of your choice. There are possibly bloggers of every thinkable topic. From politics, fashion, music, gadgets, reviews, personal, food, health, etc.

Here’s is our 10c advice on how to kick start a successful blog.

  • Topic – First decide which topic are you going to cover. This will build a great community of readers who share interests in your topic(s). If you are writing about fashion, be all about fashion. Even if Trump resigns as President, stick to your fashion.
  • Be Original – Don’t be a thief on the net. It will backfire soon, probably when you have made a name for yourself.  Write fresh content that is well thought and written in your own way of grasp. You will get credits and links by other writers and also get ranked on top by search engines.
  • Hosting & Domains – There are great free hosting platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, etc where you could host your blogs. Get also a domain name. A web address like, or a local domain TLD in your area such as,, etc. Read here on how to choose a perfect domain.
  • Use HD pictures – Using your Samsung E250 pictures will not work so well. You need high-quality pictures that will make your blog attractive. If you are going to be reviewing food, fashion etc and will need real pictures, better get a quality picture phone or a camera. If you write general topics, you can use free HD stock pictures from online communities such as Pexels and Unsplash.
  • Brand Your Blog  – Treat your blog as a brand. If possible, get a logo designer and a web designer to create a beautiful looking brand (We could help you). This will make your content to be viable and end up making you venues.  Don’t forget important pages such as About You and Contact Page. This will help brands and other people who want to be featured to easily get hold of you.
  • Be consistent – If you only blog once in six months won’t do your blog any good. Keep writing. At least a minimum of 4 articles in a month. Make sure you do not write for the sake of writing. The length of a quality blog is usually 500 words and more.
  • Interact  With Readers – Know your community of readers. Ask them to sign up to newsletters, comment on articles or leave feedback after each article. Make sure you also engage them on comments if they have questions or inputs.
  • Social Media – Make sure you create social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. These platforms are great for traffic. If possible, let your followers know when is the next post coming up.
  • Advertise? – Well, the only reason we do what we do is to get payed. Even (professional) blogging pays. You could apply for AdSense, a google platform for publishers, to show adverts on your website and get paid some cents. If you command traffic enough, you could even make a living. Most news publishers strive on such option to make money online. It’s however up to you. Some people hate advertisements. There are some Adsense requirements you should meet before applying for the service
  • Guest Blog – Write on other channels apart from your blog. This will help you mine another pool of readers who could be interested in your content. Make sure you link your blog website address in the guest blogs. It builds a backlink that helps search engines to rank you better.

There is no perfect way to start a blog. Get your voice heard by continuing writing what you love, and along the way, you will attract more readers. When you start, you may not even see most people viewing your posts, however, after a while, you will be surprised how many people find their way to your blog.

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