How can I make a WordPress website load faster?

How can I make a WordPress website load faster?

How can I make my WordPress website load faster?

Most research indicates that customers would cancel your website if it takes more than seconds to open. The average time to open a website in seconds, meanwhile, seconds and less is taken as best. The technique written in this articles does not fix a slow internet but rather a slow website despite the internet speed.

There are various reasons why WordPress website would takelonger than necessary to open. WordPress is a complex system and if not clearlyset up, it can cause pages to take forever. Below are some common issues thatmay cause your website to load slowly.

  1. Templates – Different templates have their own loading speed. Likely, the more complex the template, the slower it will take to open. It is advisable to go for the simplest and standard templates that suit your business look.
  2. Image compressions – A website without images would load in just 3 or fewer seconds, but a website with pictures, would have to download all pictures on the web server before serving results to the user. It is advisable that when you use pictures, you only use necessary ones, and compressed images. A 2MB pictures will load the same amount of data/bandwidth before serving results; but when compressed, it can end up in few kb’s, and end up download fast.
  3.  Redirects – Unless it is compulsory, make sure your website lands to its assigned home page. Redirecting a website is similar to loading multiple sites at once.
  4. Embedded content –  minimize the use of embedded content such as videos, tweets, and other social media pages. Similar to redirects, an embedded content will have to load its original site from within your website. This can significantly affect your site loading time.
  5. Plugins – Specifically for WordPress site, the more plugins you install, the more time it will take to load them. Only install and activate the necessary plugins. It is better not to have some functionalities than having a cool website full of features that open after a whole minute.
  6. Adverts – Websites that contain ad-scripts and pop-ups takes longer to serve. Your business website can do well without a single advert script.
  7. Complex Java Scripts. – Java scripts should well-placed within a single file to avoid loading time.

It is possible to take your website to the best minimum loading time by keeping it simple. Unless you have a fast server that renders content fast, you may have to stick with the normal features of your website to avoid long loading time.

The Google Tool ‘Think With Google’ could help you see and how kong does your website take to open, and also recommend solutions.

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