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eCommerce Website Design Johannesburg

More than ever before, customers are willing to buy their favorite products online. The internet has enabled a trusted process of purchasing goods anywhere the user can access the internet. Saglotech Web Design can enable your business to start selling and receiving money online.

  • List Products easily
  • Trusted gateways to process payments
  • Manage your online store anywhere.

We use reliable industry-tested systems that have proved to work efficiently. Our eCommerce designs can accept various cards from the known banks in South Africa. Users are spoiled with various ways to pay online. Whether it be a once-off payment or a recurring subscription, Saglotech Web Design can enable your website to offer e-Commerce services.

Customers will also be able to track their orders, and you will also be able to refund clients where necessary. For all your ‘eCommerce Website Design Johannesburg’, look no further.

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    Our eCommerce Website Design Johannesburg Process

    Our comprehensive eCommerce Website Design Johannesburg ensures a perfectly crafted online store for your business.

    Products Review

    One of the important aspects of building a perfect eCommerce Website Design is product assessment. At Saglotech, we strive to first understand the products your offer, how your competitors are performing, and also the top keywords that are doing well in your industry.This helps us to curate a compelling online store that will disrupt and also strive in areas that your competitors are not yet reaching.


    At this stage, we start building your eCommerce store. Part of this is getting a proper domain name, and hosting service. Installing the right content management platforms and customizing your online store the best way.We also integrate payment gateways that will allow transactions from various bank cards. We are an ‘eCommerce Website Design Johannesburg’ company and we make sure all the bank cards around South Africa and those that are internationally recognized are able to transact on your online store. Web Design Johannesburg

    Final Site

    Your eCommerce store is only functional when users are able to complete transactions without your assistance. That is why we first test the user experience to make sure users are able to access the website with no difficulties.Upon completion, you will be able to upload products, process orders, manage sales, offer rewards, and a lot more options that are available for admins. Meanwhile, users will be able to make sign up, login, self-manage passwords and accounts, make orders, track delivery and order status, earn rewards and much more.

    eCommerce Website Design Johannesburg | Our Features

    We will add the following features to your ‘eCommerce Website Design Johannesburg’ to make it outstanding.
    Focus on Product
    Product Details
    Product Filtering
    Shopping Cart
    Shopping Options
    Payment Systems