6 Key Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Score

6 Key Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Score

Ever searched for something on google and you got what you wanted on the first page? Yes! The links you saw are of websites that practiced Search Engine Optimization. This is a formal way to appear on search feed through organic results as opposed to paying for search appearance.

Why SEO?

Why do you need to appear on the search results? It’s because only your few friends and your family members know about your website. So, no one will likely type your web address to find you. Users typically go to google to search for things, and that’s where your website should appear. I.e, We are a web design company in Johannesburg, and most of our users find us by typing the keywords “Web Design Johannesburg”.

Here are ways how you could get your website appearing on search results the right way.

  1. Write More Often: Google search results are influenced by bots. These crawling bots try to search for new content around the web each day and add them to the search results. Writing new fresh content r blog posts means bots will keep crawling your site and analyzing your it on a frequent basis. This is a good indication for a well-maintained website.
  2.  Build Links: Your website alone can’t make it. Get your website mentioned by other websites. One great way to do this is through business directories. There are hundreds if not thousands of business listing sites. Get your website links to any reputable website and Google will massively recognize your website.
  3. Utilize Social Media: Is your page on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook etc? If not, you’re missing a free way to get your business recognized by google. Social Media brands like Youtube and Facebook command a domain ranking of over 95% and this means whichever content is posted there will be crawled and appear on search bots instantly. Tip: don’t just open the account and be dull; use it! Posts timed content now and then. Idle accounts suddenly appear from bots results.   
  4. Use Keywords: If you are a plumbing company in Midrand and your website only shows pictures of your plumbing, with only a few texts, search bots will not guess what your website is all about. Make sure you use the word plumbing as often as possible, jut not too much, you’ll end up looking like spam. Make sure you put content on pages such as Home page, Services and About you. Bots will crawl you and serve you as a result when users search for your website related keyword(s).
  5. Use local domains: A .com TLD is surely attractive and appealing but it might not help your local small business. In South Africa, our tailored local top-level domain is .co.za. Should your website end with co.za, search engines will know that you are a company based in South Africa.
  6. Register for Google My Business: Google my business is a great way to put your business in public. Make sure you register with this service and also clarify your business address. If you’re a local restaurant in Sydney, make sure Google knows that. You will be served as a result when users search for food restaurants in Sydney or Food restaurant near me to users in Sydney.

The above tactics are mostly time-consuming and you will have to be patient with your website business. Remember, the more your domain spend more years registered, the more it will command a high authority to rank. Never resort to overnight magical ranking strategies. Your website will be severely punished and you may just have to forget about ranking first again.

At times, your website is just wrongly structured and needs a revamp by a professional designer.

We are a Web design company in Johannesburg

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Article By Tsireledzo Michael Mudzanani

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