Why your business will need a website during COVID-19 and beyond?

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an unprecedented and unfortunate event that has stopped our lives and way of doing things as we know it.

It’s the new norm that is here to live with us for some time, at least this is what the President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa thinks.

“We must, therefore, be prepared to continue to live with the coronavirus among us for a year or even more. We must be prepared for a new reality in which the fight against Covid-19 becomes part of our daily existence,” Ramaphosa said.

While this may be true, our lives and businesses should continue – if we are to live beyond these misfortunes. Much more, we have to adapt to the new ways of doing things post-COVID-19.

Your business may have been doing well due to the hundreds of people who used to visit looking for services – this may be affected by the novel coronavirus. Or you may have been running a successful food business down the corner in your neighborhood, – this too will be affected. Surely a new way of serving and marketing clients will be needed.

More people are now using the internet than before

Thanks to the digital space and the internet, which seems to flourish even during times such as these. In fact, according to Statista recent research, online transactions increased by 32.9 percent since COVID-19 started.

This is why your business should also be part of the evergreen digital space. There are many ways to build a solid digital presence. Here’s how you can build a digital presence online during COVID-19 and beyond.

  • Have a Website
  • Social Media presence
  • Advertise online
  • List your business in directories
  • Be professional online.

A website is a central space for your business. It’s mostly where all your advertisement campaigns lead. That is why you need a professional website. You can design a website by your self, or hire a local professional web designer at an affordable price, whichever way, your business will need to have a website during these times.

Make sure your business also appears in social media. It usually free to set up a an account. Reliable social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin allows you to open accounts in just a matter of seconds. Utilize this opportunities. Make sure you use same names, and if possible, similar usernames to help search engines to group all your social media assets under your business name.

Opening social media accounts and having a website won’t magically bring thousands of clients’ emails. Not at all. You have to keep the platforms busy with fresh content and updated. Run minimal budget campaigns. This will ensure that you reach thousands of possible customers for your business. You can also get a marketing digital agency to manage your website and keeping your social media busy if you have problems doing this.

You may have searched your business on social media pages such as Google, and probably appeared on a single search result. You can end this by listing your business on directories online. It’s usually free to do this. Listings under your business names will be crawled by search bots and your business will take charge online.

Finally, you will have to be professional online. Business social media accounts should always keep users engaged in business. Funny tweets and trending videos can be retweeted and be shared on your personal accounts, but never on a business platform.

You do not need to explain a lot online, your digital platforms will do the talking. That is why you must keep them neat and professional.

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