What is SEO and why is it so important to your website?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of making your website available to search engines crawlers when searched. There are numerous search engines. Some common ones include such as Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo.

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Why is SEO practice important?

In a digital world such as today where customers reside online for social purposes and internet usage, it’s important for your business to be listed by search engines. This is the best way to advertise your business for FREE online.

Customers use ‘keywords’ to search for services online. For instance, as a Web Design Company, our clients are individuals and businesses who search for ‘ Web Design Services’. To make it more personal, a customer may search for keywords such as Web Design and add their location. (eg, Web Design Johannesburg, Web Design Germiston).

If your website SEO structure is not done correctly, your website will not appear when customers search for keywords that should trig your business. Perhaps you are running a driving school business, selling eggs or a plumbing company in your local area. Customers should be able to find you when searching for keywords such as plumbing company around your area. This will maximize your website visits and lead to more sales to your business.

Some businesses appear on Google, BUT on the third, fourth or even tenth page. Technically, customers visit websites that are listed on the first page of Google. There are a couple of strategies to make sure your website is listed correctly and if done by a pro, end appearing on the first page, or as a first result in the organic search.

We lead in keywords such as Web Design Johannesburg and Web Design Germiston

Web Design Germiston and Web Design Johannesburg results on Google

We as Saglotech, have chosen to maximize our appearances in the two keywords which are Web Design Germiston and Web Design Johannesburg. This is because our space of proximity is in Johannesburg and Germiston. Thus we are able to assists our customers in those areas. However, our business is online and therefore, we can assist individual from any place in the country.

What can you do to increase your SEO or web appearances in your area?

  • You must have a website. – First thing first, to appear on search results, your business should have a website. There are many web design companies that could help you in this regard. (We could also help you)
  • Choose your keywords. – One of the reasons why most websites and companies fail in SEO is trying to appear in every keyword. A search engine should clearly understand keywords that are distinct in order to render you as a correct result when searched. We distinctly chose Web design Johannesburg and Web design Germiston for that reason.
  • Follow SEO Rules. – SEO is like a test that your website pass or fail. You can use tools such as SEO Report Checkup to see how your website score is doing. Most common features that crawlers and bots checks include common issues such as Website Title, Descriptions, Image Alt titles, Heading inside articles and articles inside your website.
  • Build quality backlinks. – The more your website link is listed and appears in other reputable websites, Search Engine starts to build a Domain Authority around your URL or website address link. This makes search engines to technically respect your domain and list it on the first results of the keywords you chose. To build links, you can write blogs on your website and other external blogs, add your business websites to business directories online or have your business promoted through an article. News agencies like EBNewsDaily offer services to advertise your business through articles on their news website. To see how many backlinks does your website has, you can use the Free backlink Checker by Ahrefs


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